Stone Candles

SpiritRock Candles are perfect gifts for any occasion.   Each oil candle is hand sculpted by the Artist, to bring out its own "natural" character...there are many ancient beliefs in the "Spirits" from earth, wood & fire!   

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Please Note:  The candles shown are examples....all sales are handled through our Etsy Store for the exact candle you will receive!

Handcrafted Quality

         Hand Crafted...each one unique...lifetime fiberglass wicks...use smokeless, soot less, odorless candle oil...may be use Indoors & Outdoors...the Perfect Gift!

Please Note:   Spirit Lamps have been discontinued!

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All Spirit Rock products are hand crafted from natural stone.  Whether you’re searching for a rare gift or something to add character to your home, you'll love the beautiful romantic glow that each burning candle provides.  Each one is it's own unique oil lamp design! No two are alike.


    Stone Candles / Oil Lamps