​​        2023

       ​ March 11,  Sat 9:30am - 4pm

                       Forest Lake American Legion

                         Forest Lake, MN                                                                                         ---------------------------------

       March 18,  Sat 9:30am - 4pm

                        Rosemount Hope Fieldhouse

                         Rosemount, MN


          April 1 & 2   Sat 10am - 4pm    Sun 10am - 3pm

                   Spring Craft & Gift Show

                      Forest Lake Middle School 

                   Forest Lake, MN

        April 29   Sat 10am - 4pm

                     Craft & Gift Show
                    Hudson Middle School
                          Hudson, WI                                     


           May 6       Sat 10am -4pm     

                         Spring Fling Craft & Gift Show                

                        Stillwater High School

                         Stillwater, MN







              More shows will be added soon...check back often!




                     Check back often for upcoming shows!



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    Stone Candles / Oil Lamps 



In purchasing a SpiritRock Candle you {purchaser} agree that the limitations for any and all damages,  fees, costs, and expenses relating to, directly or indirectly caused by the use, misuse, ownership, or handling of a Spirit Rock Candle is limited to the actual purchase price of the Candle you buy, in every circumstance.  Purchaser assumes total and complete responsibility for any and all damages, and will hold harmless the manufacturer, BPS Int'l, and hereby waives any and all tort or right of legal recourse in perpetuity.  Placement of your order will be deemed acceptance or this written limited liability contract.

Your “Spirit” Rock Candle will burn between 3-8 hours, depending on the size of the oil reservoir on your particular rock and how high you choose to burn the flame.  We burn liquid paraffin lamp oil, for oil candles readily available at most  craft, hardware and big box stores. The most common brand we have found is UltraPure, by Lamplight brands, but there are others. It burns smokeless and odorless with no soot and no odor! Only lamp oil that is made to burn, smokeless, in an oil lamp  can be used.  Even fragranced lamp oil may be used, but the impurities in that oil (yes, fragrance is an impurity, but that is okay!) may build up on your wick over time. If that happens, you can just take a toothbrush and give your wick a gentle scrub to whisk away the buildup. (Citronella may be used outdoors)

​Included with your Spirit Rock Candle is a refill bottle with a very narrow tip. When your Spirit Rock Candle runs out of oil, it will simply go out. To refill your candle, just pull one of the wick holders out of the hole and insert the tip of the bottle into the hole and slowly squirt your oil into the stone.   MOST IMPORTANT: ONLY FILL YOUR RESERVOIR 3/4 FULL!! DO NOT OVERFILL! (you can use a straw or wooden stir stick to measure the approximate fill level.) With proper care, your “Spirit” Rock candle will give you many years of enjoyment. As with any open flame do not leave unattended.

​For best results, adjust the wick to allow the height of the flame to be ½” to 1” high.

​Caution:  Rock Surfaces may get hot...cool before handling.

​                            Ultra Pure candle oil by Lamplight

Handcrafted Quality

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